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The Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR) was established to promote the value of verification and validation of alarm events during the emergency response process using video, audio, and other emerging technologies along with proven best practices.

Our Goal

Green CheckMore Arrests
Green CheckGreater dispatch efficiency
Green CheckIncreased officer safety
Green CheckBetter use of public safety resources
Green CheckReduced insurance losses, lower premiums

Get Priority Response in your area

The sooner, the better... Priority Response benefits everyone affected by property crime which includes property owners, law enforcement officials, and insurers. When community leaders, law enforcement officials, and consumers realize the advantages of verified alarms, it's easy to get everyone on board with Priority Response. If you're a security dealer, you can encourage police to adopt a policy of higher priority response for verified alarms. And if you're part of the law enforcement team, implementation is quick and easy.